foot cut

seat cut

seat cut
A horizontal cut at the lower end of a rafter so that it may rest securely on the edge of a horizontal timber such as a wall plate; also see illustration for bird’s mouth.
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Both Owen and United moved quickly to assure their supporters that the operation was only "minor" but nevertheless the pounds 17m man has had his foot cut open yet again and there are bound to be concerns.
AWARD for most offensive ad of the year goes to the betting company who featured a dog with its foot cut off.
In June, Al-Shabaab officials in one of the group's Mogadishu strongholds ordered four teenagers to each have a hand and a foot cut off as punishments for robbery.
CARING Brooke Chisholm had more than a foot cut off her hair to make wigs for children with cancer.
He was dissuaded from actual killing, however, and instead had Melor's right hand and left foot cut off (wow, nice).
On September 10, five men accused of robbery each had a hand and foot cut off.
When Geet had his only remaining foot cut off by the oncoming train, it was obviously a metaphor for the abuses of unchecked governmental power.
If the people would not accept Islam, they either would be murdered, maimed by having one hand and one foot cut off on opposite sides of their bodies, or they would pay taxes to Muhammad in order to live.
Farid said that Allah says "The recompense of those who make war against Allah and His Messenger and spread corruption in the land is that they are to be killed or crucified, or have their hand and a foot cut off on opposite sides, or be expelled from the land.
As the ball looped down to Taylor some 40 yards from goal, his left foot cut through it to produce a ferocious volley that at one stage seemed to be at least 20 feet above Tim Howard's goal before dipping into the net.
Opener John Maunders survived 19 overs for his 25 runs before he aimed a back foot cut at Ian Bell and was caught behind.
Unfortunately an injury to his foot cut short this exercise, so it was left to his assistant, Howard Carter, to complete the record.