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a narrow bridge for the use of pedestrians


A narrow bridge structure that is designed to carry pedestrians only.
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a bridge built where a pedestrian route meets natural obstacles, such as rivers or gullies, or transportation routes, such as city streets, railroads, or highways with heavy traffic. Footbridges over railroad tracks are usually constructed at railroad stations. Parks with rivers, ponds, or pools often have footbridges. A footbridge may have one or several spans with intervening supports, depending on the width of the obstacle to be bridged and the architectural design. Access to footbridges is usually provided by stairways with landings and, less often, by ramps (straight or curved) or escalators. Modern footbridges are mostly girder or frame bridges constructed of concrete, reinforced concrete, or metal. In some cases, arch and suspension (guy) bridges are used.

footbridge, pedestrian bridge

A narrow bridge designed to carry pedestrians only.
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A temporary stepped footbridge is to be in use for around six months from summer this year while the existing footbridge is taken away for repair and modification.
Ahead of the meeting, Dr Williams said: "The current proposals are for a private footbridge, not accessible to local people.
Together with a new footbridge it will create a vibrant new quarter at the northern gateway to the town and Ynysangharad War Memorial Park.
Newcastle City Council say the improvements to Durant Road and Ellison Place will include the replacement of the footbridge with new wider road crossings, a segregated two-way cycling track and parking for bikes.
Janet Periera, a resident of Sharjah, uses the footbridge to reach her office.
Supertyphoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) whipped up a storm surge that destroyed the footbridge in 2013 and another 1.
A congressman called our attention about the sudden change in color of several footbridges," said Jimenez, during the recent Metro Manila Council meeting.
It took 19 workers 12 hours to demolish the footbridge, and a further 32 hours to remove the 100 tonnes of steel and 1,100 tonnes of rubble.
It would have been so convenient to cross over to the other side using the footbridge," said Amy.
The footbridge, designed by engineering specialist Arup, will be offi-cially opened on June 25 once all highway work has been completed.
The original footbridge was an add-on structure, built about 20 years after the original 1960s redevelopment.
The 45-year-old victim was left lying semiconscious on the pavement, after she had walked across the railway footbridge near Garrett Street, at 9.