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Text that appears at the bottom of a page that adds explanation. It is often used to give credit to the source of information. When accumulated and printed at the end of a document, they are called "endnotes."



a supplementary printed text; an explanation, source reference, or editor’s comment located at the bottom of a page or column and separated from the main text by a straight line. Footnotes are printed in a smaller type size and are preceded by a sign (a number or asterisk) corresponding to the sign following the statement in the main text that is being elucidated. Footnotes are numbered continuously or by chapter or section.

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I am looking forward to taking back the reins of the footnoted business and working with our customers and subscribers to find new ways to invigorate the footnoted brand," Michelle Leder, president of Financial Fineprint, said.
Commenting on the deal, Leder said that she was excited about regaining control of footnoted.
Investment research company Morningstar Inc (NASDAQ:MORN) reported on Tuesday that it has acquired the Footnoted research service business of privately-held Financial Fineprint Inc.