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kneeler, kneestone, skew

kneeler, 1: K
1. A building stone which is sloped on top and flat on the bottom, as the stone that supports inclined coping on the slope of a gable. Also see footstone; gable springer.
2. The stone that breaks the horizontal-vertical unit-and-joint pattern of a normal masonry wall to begin the curve or angle of an arch or vault.
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Smith also demonstrates that the marble footstone marking the site of the "sasso" itself was moved several times in the 19th century, finally resting in a position assumed to be near that of the original.
Nichols reported: 'the ground around the quarry is covered with headstones and footstones .
The footstones from the graves in Kensal Green had also been shipped over and are now in place in Sleepy Hollow.
GRAVEYARD headstones were almost turned into FOOTSTONES due to a bizarre decision to put them at the bottom of graves.