foreign agent

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foreign agent:

see espionageespionage
, the act of obtaining information clandestinely. The term applies particularly to the act of collecting military, industrial, and political data about one nation for the benefit of another.
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Last year, I introduced legislation to improve transparency and compliance with the law, and the bipartisan Foreign Agents Registration Amendments Act incorporates that legislation.
The new law that makes it possible for foreign media to be declared foreign agents was rushed through the Russian parliament last month.
Additionally, Kommersant pointed out that the economic conditions of globalization, whereby the vast majority of financial exchanges transcends national borders, can make almost any organization a foreign agent (July 6a, July 13a), thus raising an important question of whether it is possible for a state to be integrated in the global system economically yet remain independent and even isolated politically.
Charitable contributions from lobbyists and foreign agents expressly solicited by a Member or employee (except in lieu of honoraria);
Hezbollah, and the remaining constituents of the "environment that embraces the Resistance" are demanding that the toughest sentences be issued for foreign agents, and the death sentence for some of them, as they consider that lenient verdicts have led to encouraging these people to be foreign agents and may encourage others, and they do not care about the comfort and luxury of those who may have caused casualties in the ranks of the Resistance and provided the enemy with information that helped it target its infrastructure.
The state prosecutor also was to submit an indictment against Omar Saeed, another Arab-Israeli activist, alleging he delivered information to an enemy and had contact with a foreign agent, media reported.
This mean, treacherous, foreign agent, wearing the cloak of the presidency, tried to damage me, but failed in his nefarious design,'' Khan wrote in his maiden column for the Urdu-language newspaper Jang.
The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) requires that all persons in the United States working as agents of a foreign government, foreign political party, or other foreign principal disclose to the Department of Justice (Justice) such connections as well as the activities they perform on behalf of such principals in the United States.
Not a foreign agent anymore, but anyone who was foreign or anyone involved in any organized criminal activity--mob-related activity, drug-related activity, or some involvement with a foreign country.
RT America had to register as a foreign agent in the United States under the Foreign Agents Registration Act after the request by the US Justice Department.
In a recent report, a congressional commission recommended the United States government must make Chinese media outlet Xinhua register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

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