Forging Rolls

forging rolls

[′fȯrj·iŋ ‚rōlz]
A machine used in making forgings by rolling the metal.

Forging Rolls


a machine used for shaping (rolling) articles that do not have significant transitions, projections, ribs or sharp changes in cross section, such as wrenches, handles of adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, harrow teeth, and turbine blades.

Bar stock is placed between the sectors, whose surfaces have indentations (channels) for distributing and imparting the desired shape to the article. The interchangeable sectors are mounted on rotating rollers. The mechanisms of the forging rolls, which are mounted on the front table, continuously direct the stock as it passes through the sectors, move the metal from one channel to another, and so on. The rear table has adjustable stops for setting the length of the stock being forged. The mechanisms are powered by an electric motor. Forging rolls are also used in forging production to shape stock before stamping complex parts. Forging rolls may be used to cut, bend, and trim stock.


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