formal methods

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formal methods

(mathematics, specification)
Mathematically based techniques for the specification, development and verification of software and hardware systems.

Referentially transparent languages are amenable to symbolic manipulation allowing program transformation (e.g. changing a clear inefficient specification into an obscure but efficient program) and proof of correctness.

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It was the first time that her benefactress had employed this formal method of communicating with her when they were both in the house.
In 1987, Michael Jackson presented his work "Power and Limitations of Formal methods for software fabrication" at the AIT Conference, which analyzed the advantages and limitations of formal methods up to that time.
The recent Parity bug was a reminder that even the most talented coders can make mistakes and smart contracts require formal methods of verification.
Contract notice: Study, development and evaluation of a methodology and tools based on model - driven engineering and formal methods mf for the communication of structural and behavioral decompositions of safety products.
LAHORE -- A three-day workshop on the topic of 'Applications of Formal Methods and Machine Learning in Software Testing' was organized at Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore from 21st March to 24th March.
Formal methods may also be useful for proving properties on the specified models.
They use formal methods to construct robust and efficient decision-making procedures that support all aspects and stages of management activity over all decision horizons from operational to strategic management.
Formal presentations included some spectacular images of four dimensional tomography that shed light on mechanisms involved in fires of lithium-ion batteries; large scale goods and luggage tracking in airports; and formal methods of rail control.
He is the founder and director of the System Analysis and Verification (SAVe) Lab and his research interests include Embedded systems, Formal Methods and e-health.
The topics include preparing for requirements elicitation, writing the requirements document, formal methods, tool support for requirements engineering, and value engineering of requirements.
NEW YORK -- A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that while nearly 70% of adults in the United States track a health indicator for themselves or a loved one, only a handful of these people use smartphone apps or other formal methods to record their data.
They address requirements quality identifying requirements, architecture, adaptation, goal modeling, prioritizing and negotiating requirements, requirements analysis and non-functional requirements, traceability, formal methods, requirements specifications and processes, traceability and visualization, industrial challenges, working with stakeholders, and modeling.

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