foundation course

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base course

1. A foundation or footing course, as the lowest course in a masonry wall.
2. A layer of selected material of planned thickness, constructed on the subgrade or subbase for the purpose of serving one or more functions such as distributing load, providing drainage, minimizing frost action, etc.
3. The lowest layer in a pavement construction.
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We are very pleased that we can offer the first 20 young refugees on our foundation course very specific and practical help to integrate them into the labor market and thus into German society," says Georg ME-ller, Head of HR at Bayer in Germany.
They are in partnership with many large nationwide companies who use their gas foundation course as a way of training and recruiting new members of staff for various contracts over Scotland.
Harriet Treadgold, who has just completed her year of study, said: "The foundation course was definitely a worthwhile experience.
Pictured are Mark White, Anwyl Construction Contracts Manager; Craig Sparrow, Wales & West Housing Development Manager for North Wales; Cath Marland, Wales & West Housing Officer for Denbighshire; and Ian Gillespie, Development Officer for Wales & West Housing, pictured with building skills foundation course students from Llandrillo College Rhyl at Anwyl Construction's Cefndy Road site in Rhyl.
The bespoke Airways Foundation Course prepares cadets for either European EASA and Australian CASA pathways with high level theoretical knowledge which covers aviation fundamentals including Aviation English, Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Navigation among others over a period of 8 to 15 weeks (subject to cadet requirements) as a first step towards commencing their commercial flight training for aeroplanes or helicopters in the UK or Australia.
Yoga Veda's foundation course focuses on anatomy, alignment and physiology as well as psychology, energetic properties, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic cleansing routines, meditation, breath work, lifestyle, routine and much more.
This is one of the successful programmes run by the university and it helps the students complete their foundation course programme in three weeks instead of one year," said Al Ameri.
A Foundation Degree is different from a Foundation course.
Ali Eisa Al Nuaimi, a member from Ajman, said the foundation course was a serious drain on financial resources, diverting funds from other areas.
Muscat, Oct 27 (ONA) The foundation course on " Emergency Response System" activities began today with the participation of officers from the Royal Oman Police (ROP), the Sultan's Armed Forces(SAF) and Government agencies involved in emergency response.
The foundation course covers the basic sciences, English and mathematics, and prepares students for the pre-med course.
Speaking at the ceremony, Col Al-Mansouri said the foundation course for customs inspectors came in line with the institute's efforts to improve performance and enhance capacity of the inspectors.

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