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see laminitislaminitis
, also called founder, inflammation of the lamina, the innermost layer of the hoof wall in horses, ponies, and donkeys. Although the condition usually affects only the front feet, it may involve all four feet. Both acute and chronic forms occur.
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To sink under water either by depression of the land or by rise of sea level, especially in reference to large crustal masses, islands, or significant portions of continents.
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Against these objections, your candid judgment will not require an unqualified justification; but your respect and gratitude for the founders of the State may boldly claim an ample apology.
By driving the founders of the Plymouth Colony into exile, it constrained them to absolute separation irreconcilable.
This indicates that the experience and knowledge provides them with the tools to tackle and overcome such issues," said Philip Bahoshy, Founder, MAGNiTT.
Greg Badros, Founder, Prepared Mind Innovations; Former Engineering VP, Facebook
However, an equal split of founder equity may not always be appropriate--some founders may feel like they are contributing relatively more and thus expect to receive more shares.
Securing high profile investors is yet another coup for the boys who secured an initial investment from Stephen Pankhurst - the founder of Friends Reunited - which helped get the business off the ground.
Samuel L Belcher, founder & CEO, Sabel Plastechs Inc.
Ting Tsung Chao, founder and former chairman of Westlake Chemical, received the ninth annual Petrochemical Heritage Award.
Luigi Orione (1872-1940), Italian priest, founder of the Little Work of Divine Providence and of the Congregation of the Little Missionary Sisters of Charity.
Joel Dee, founder of Edwards & Sons Trading Company, chose as his epitaph, "He always tried to give consumers something they needed but wasn't there.
In 1993, the taxpayer's board of directors voted to replace the principal founder of the company as chairman of the board and CEO; shortly after this vote, the founder and the taxpayer entered into an employment agreement, under which the founder could use the title "chairman of the board emeritus" but could not exercise managerial authority.
Midge Nathanson, founder and co-owner of Camp Matoaka for Girls, Smithfield, Maine.

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