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see castingcasting
or founding,
shaping of metal by melting and pouring into a mold. Most castings, especially large ones, are made in sand molds. Sand, mixed with a binder to hold it together, is pressed around a wooden pattern that leaves a cavity in the sand.
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The art and science of melting and casting metals.

founding, casting

Producing metal products in a foundry by pouring melted metals into molds.
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Darcy is a founding member of both the city of Santa Clarita and the City Council of Santa Clarita, on which she has served since 1987.
The growth of NEPA has mirrored in many ways the success and growth enjoyed by those businesses operated by the original 17 founding publishers.
The first gives the background of Marian spirituality in the Church and shows how this gave inspiration and courage to the founding fathers and mothers of the new country.
The spectrum of Lapita cultural items at the Mussau sites, along with previously excavated deposits, is clearly linked to later South Pacific cultures and strengthens the Lapita's position as the founding culture of the entire region, says Kirch.
In conjunction with today's separate announcement of the company's $60 million Series A financing, Zogenix named its founding management team.
Ruth Andersen of Fresno, a founding fellow of CLU, has pledged $125,000.
AMD (NYSE: AMD), HP, Sun Microsystems and IBM represent the founding sponsors of The Green Grid, an open, global organization whose goals are supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Alliance to Save Energy.
Stern served as director of E-Z-EM from the Company's founding until his passing, and also served as the Company's Chairman of the Board from its founding until December 2004, when he was named Chairman Emeritus.
Rosenberg comes to Ambric with extensive experience in founding and running start-up companies.
We are able to provide the support necessary for high academic achievement simply because we have the empowering autonomy as a charter school," said Gene Fisher, Founding President of the Watts Learning Center.
Polaris Venture Partners led the $21M round along with founding investor Flagship Ventures, and leading venture investors JK&B Capital and Prism Venture Partners.
Under the recapitalization, Numeric's founding partner, Strategic Investment Group of Arlington, Virginia, and other shareholders not active in the business sold their interests in the firm.