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foxtail wedge, fox wedge, fox tenon

A small wedge used to secure the split end of a tenon in a mortise, the split end of a bolt in a hole, or the like, by spreading the end as the wedge is driven in.
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Leaf blight: trunk of foxtail palm has arching fronds,which are infected when plant is young due to which leaf spots occur that matures to blights.
Key words: Foxtail millet, Eating quality, Waxy gene, Allelic variation, STS marker
The purpose of the present work is studying of genetic polymorphism of intraspecific hybrids of foxtail by protein and DNA markers.
a resident from Foxtail Way came in to the station to retrieve a firearm turned in earlier.
2137 Giant flowered 3081 Foxtail Lilies mixed 3019 Dinner-plate 2059 Giant Lily Collection 2057 Polianthese tuberosa 2144 Please send my WORTH MORE 9 bulbs for only pounds 12.
Foxtail lilies (eremurus), which come in a range of colours, produce tall bottlebrushes of flowers in midsummer, growing from one to two metres.
Of the three, the one-ton and two-ton rates worked best in peppermint, reducing barnyard grass, green foxtail, common lambsquarters, henbit and redroot pigweed populations by 90 percent several weeks after application.
Each spring, we plant a wildlife smorgasbord--sorghum, milo, millet, oats, sunflowers, foxtail, wheat, clover and chufa--a combination guaranteed to lure deer.
The groom's chocolate cake was centered among deer antlers, pheasant feathers, verdissimo seed pots imported from France, and foxtail fern.
On the swing ride, for instance, there was a nearby pole from which a foxtail dangled just out of reach.
BARNYARDGRASS and bristly foxtail are considered to be among the world's worst weeds (Holm et al.