fracture load

breaking load, failure load, fracture load, ultimate load

The load which, if placed upon a structure or test piece, is just great enough to break it.
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The CAE-test correlation of the fracture load for all the specimens is presented in Table 1.
A strain-rate-dependent cohesive zone model was calibrated using the measured fracture load of one specimen with one or two laminated PCB(s) in each of these strain rate regimes.
The hardness has been measured, the relation of the hardness and microstructure to the impact fracture load has been examined.
05 mm on the yield load, the ultimate load, the fracture load and the displacement at fracture of wires with 12x5 mm and 12 x 7 mm cross-sectional dimensions.
2) in a fracture load study of any of the materials tested.
where F is the fracture load (N) and d is the sample diameter.
Load-deformation data were used for further calculating various extrinsic (whole bone) mechanical properties, including yield load, maximal load, fracture load, yield load energy, post-yield load energy, maximal load energy, fracture load energy, and stiffness.
A series of standard fracture testing were undertaken to provide the fracture load data (Pf), which coupled with the stress intensity factor analytical formula to calculate fracture toughness.
Equivalent bar samples were prepared through identical processing steps and their flexural strength were compared to the static fracture load of the alumina based femoral head.
Smith MD, Cody DD, Goldstein SA, et al: Proximal femoral bone density and its correlation to fracture load and hip screw penetration load.
The advantage of width taper is that stable fracture growth occurs at the constant fracture load.