fragaria vesca

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wild strawberry

wild strawberry

Pretty darn easy to recognize. No poisonous lookalikes. They love clay soil. Beautiful ground cover, naturally high in sodium. Strawberries have white flowers. (there is a flavorless impostor with yellow flowers, but still edible) Leaves are also edible eaten raw, steamed, or made into tea, which is used for stomach problems, blood purifier, kidney stones, jaundice, heavy menses, kidney/bladder problems, gout, diuretic. The roots can be chewed as a toothbrush, and made into tea for gonorrhea, stomach problems or heavy menses. Seeds contain anticancer ellagic acid, which is best released in blender.
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INCI: Prunus americana (apricot) kernel oil, fragaria vesca (strawberry) seed oil, sarnbucus nigra (elderberry) seed oil, rubus idaeus (raspberry) seed oil, elaeis guineensis (palm) oil
The woodland strawberry, formally known as Fragaria vesca, is similar to the cultivated strawberry but less complex, making it easier for scientists to study.
Fragaria vesca 'Fructo Albo' - Strawberries always taste better straight from the plant and this strawberry has yellowy/cream berries which makes it harder for the birds to see them.