free space optics

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free space optics

A high-speed optical wireless communication system that transmits light pulses through the air using infrared lasers. Requiring line of site, free space optics (FSO) provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmission without requiring a government license for use of the spectrum.

Because weather conditions such as fog can reflect light signals, redundant paths can be created by sending multiple signals to reflectors on different buildings. Transmitters with multiple beams are also used to provide greater reliability.

In time, free space optics is expected to be used for short distances within high-speed buses in computers and switches, perhaps even within the chip itself. See visible light communication.

Multi-Beam FSO Transceiver
This FlightSpectrum unit transmits 1.25 Gbps up to 3,000 meters and sends multiple beams for greater reliability. Approximately 1x1x2 feet in size, it connects to single mode and multimode fiber. (Image courtesy of Lightpointe,
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Free Space Optics bridges enable organizations such as businesses, hospitals, government agencies, and schools to connect their buildings wirelessly at gigabit capacity data rates, without trenching for cables or paying for expensive leased-lines which are typically far slower than a GigE laser bridge connection.
Terabeam's free space optics (FSO) metro area network in Seattle provides a model for the effort being pursued in Washington, DC.
On the other hand, the free space optics market is expected to grow from USD 116.
For example, Free Space Optics systems, which use one or more laser beams to transmit data from one point to another, are often deployed in networks where the security and integrity of the signal is critical, such as in private networks where companies or government agencies do not want their data to be transmitted with other data.
Partial List of Figures provided in Visible Light Communication (VLC)/Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) & Free Space Optics (FSO) Market by Component, Applications & Geography - Analysis & Forecast to 2014 - 2020 research report include:
This report describes the market trends, drivers, and challenges with respect to the global Visible Light Communication and Free Space Optics Market , and forecasts the market from 2014 to 2020, on the basis of the component, applications and geography.
The Electronics Division includes the legacy Hypernetics and Plaintree free space optics (FSO) businesses.
Omnilux Mesh products include: Omni-Node hardware (both customer premise and base station equipment) with advanced onboard software and free space optics transceivers with software-assisted acquisition and auto-tracking capabilities; and the Clear-Mesh network management system, an intelligent software platform with powerful management tools to control the network.
Nasdaq: MRVC), a leading provider of products and services for WDM and optical transport, metro Ethernet, fiber optic components, 10GE, out-of-band networking and other optical networking products, today announced the carrier capabilities of its TereScope[R] TS-10GE free space optics (FSO) system, which offers service providers a 10G Ethernet wireless option for network access and last mile applications.
Patience will allow time for the opportunity to generate volume, and in turn, to reduce unit costs for Free Space Optics, 802.
March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Terabeam Corporation and the United States government's National Communications System (NCS) have constructed the first free space optics link in the NCS's project to enhance government communications infrastructure.
Free Space Optics (FSO), the latest technological breakthrough in wireless broadband communications, is now available.