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borough (1990 pop. 10,742), seat of Monmouth co., E central N.J.; settled c.1650, called Monmouth Courthouse (1715–1801), inc. as a town 1869, as a borough 1919. A former farm-trade and factory center, the borough is now a commercial hub for fast-growing surrounding Freehold Township and neighboring suburbs. St. Peter's Episcopal Church dates from c.1683. The Revolutionary War battle of Monmouth (see Monmouth, battle ofMonmouth, battle of,
in the American Revolution, fought June 28, 1778, near the village of Monmouth Courthouse (now Freehold, N.J.). Gen. George Washington chose this location to attack the British troops, who were retreating from Philadelphia to New York City. Gen.
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) took place nearby in 1778.


see tenuretenure,
in law, manner in which property in land is held. The nature of tenure has long been of great importance, both in law and in the broader economic and political context.
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a term for various forms of feudal landholding in medieval England. The concept of freehold in English common law included the holdings possessed by knights on condition of military service, the rented lands held by peasants and urban dwellers, and the holdings of the church. In a narrower sense, a freehold was a free holding within a manor; it was juridically contrasted to the holding of a villein and, from the 15th century, to the copyhold.

The peasant freeholder characteristically enjoyed personal freedom and the right of defense in the royal courts. He paid a relatively low fixed rent and had the right to dispose freely of his holding through devisal, partition, or alienation. By the late 12th century, these conditions had enabled the most prosperous peasant freeholders to attain a status close to that of petty feudal landowners. At the same time, the process of class differentiation among the peasantry entailed the impoverishment of most small peasant freeholders, whose status was reduced to that of villeins, later known as copyholders. The freehold was the form of landholding that provided the most favorable conditions for the transformation of land into bourgeois property.


1. A form of tenure of property held in fee simple, fee tail, or for life.
2. Property so held.


Property law
a. tenure by which land is held in fee simple, fee tail, or for life
b. an estate held by such tenure
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The funding has enabled Flynn to finally buy the freehold of the Breck Club from the brewery, benefitting from savings of at least Au15,000 a year on stock for the pub.
Finally, in Newcastle, Cottam and Co are offering a freehold development site just off the Glasshouse Bridge on Ford Street.
Unemployed people will not be issued a visa even if they own freehold property," the source said.
Ackland said, 'His Honour Judge Norris has handed down judgement in favour of the club and ruled that the Mr Hamilton's company Crucialmove Limited is holding the freehold in trust for the club.
HBG Properties sold the freeholds in units 2 and 6 at the 152,000 sq ft industrial and distribution scheme to investment fund Threadneedle.
Share prices may have taken a turn for the better since the end of 2003 but joint agents for IM Properties' Unit 16 scheme - Colliers CRE and Phoenix Beard - confirm that the option of freehold will appeal for many owner/occupiers or property investors.
He said he was an agent for a northern company looking to purchase the freehold of the property.
By following the freehold as opposed to the leasehold route, companies will gain a valuable asset in the long term and any capital not spent on rent can be reinvested into the business.
As well as the main restaurant, the freehold property has a large four-bedroom apartment over two floors.
The purchase also included five commercial developments in Neptune, Brick, Freehold and West Orange, New Jersey; and approximately 107 acres of land for future development, with two tracts in Hardyston, two in Pemberton and one in Freehold, NJ
Spanish steelmaker Grupo Celsa acquired the freehold of its Castle Works site in Cardiff Bay from the Welsh Development Agency in a pounds 3.
Lambert Smith Hampton's Birmingham-based industrial team has sold a record pounds 25 million-plus worth of freehold property and land in less than three months.