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common name for members of the genus Iris of the Iridaceae, a family of perennial herbs that includes the crocuses, freesias, and gladioli. The family is characterized by thickened stem organs (bulbs, corms, and rhizomes) and by linear or sword-shaped
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a genus of plants of the family Iridaceae. The perennial cormose herbs are characterized by a cluster of narrow radical leaves and a small spicate inflorescence bent at a right angle to the stem. The narrow funnelform flowers have a six-parted periath, a filamentous style, twice dissected stigmata, and three stamens. The ovary is inferior, three-valved, and many-seeded. There are 15 to 20 species, native to southern Africa. Ornamental hybrids obtained from crossing F. armstrongii and F. refracta are cultivated in sheltered ground; the hybrids are noted for their fragrant flowers. Hybrids are grown from corms or seeds; seedlings flower in the year they are planted.


any iridaceous plant of the genus Freesia, of southern Africa, cultivated for their white, yellow, or pink tubular fragrant flowers
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The cake was flanked by two arrangements of maroon and white roses, white Fuji and pompom mums, and maroon Freesias.
50, AVAILABLE SUPERDRUG AND BOOTS Tart, crisp, citrusy top notes of pomegranate and mandarin combined with a soft, floral heart of magnolia, light freesia and jasmine.
11, exclusive to Harrods from April 1, nationwide at House of Fraser from April 18 Freesias, hibiscus, pink peony and jasmine make up this colourful floral infusion evocative of a dreamy island paradise
FREESIAS produce the most fantastic scent and yet many gardeners are reluctant to have a go with these tender or half-hardy bulbs, which are commonly grown under cover to provide cut flowers early in the year.
HipNote Honey features top notes of delicate freesia, hedione and muguet, which evoke the feeling of a fresh fall breeze, blooming flowers and a vision of bees working effortlessly in a scenic garden.
fruity with her latest blend English Pear and Freesia Cologne.
Price includes: - Return flight from Manchester to Guernsey - Return transfer from the airport to the hotel - 7 nights stay at the 3 star Cobo Hotel with dinner & breakfast - A full day excursion to Herm - Coach tours of the island including visits to Pleinmont Point, the Guernsey Freesia Centre and the Millenium Stone Single room supplement applies.
It has pear blossom, violet, freesia and sandalwood to make it interesting without being too distinctive and in-your-face.
The new bspot fragrance by benefit with its fruity combination of mango, blackcurrant, tangerine, freesia, sandalwood and amber, priced pounds 26.
This is being hailed as the most sophisticated fragrance Tommy Hilfiger has done to date, combining succulent peach with freesia, tuberose and white hibiscus.
Q LAST August I planted some freesia bulbs, but nothing happened.
Rose and Freesia Bouquet from John Lewis (online only) pounds 25