frequency bands

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frequency bands

Following are the ranges of frequencies in the bands specified by the ITU. See spectrum and frequency range.
Frequency Band       From       To

 ELF  Extremely low    3 Hz    30 Hz
 SLF  Super low       30 Hz   300 Hz
 ULF  Ultra low      300 Hz     3 KHz
 VLF  Very low         3 KHz   30 KHz
  LF   Low             30 KHz  300 KHz
 MF   Medium         300 KHz    3 MHz
  HF   High             3 MHz   30 MHz
  VHF  Very high       30 MHz  300 MHz
  UHF  Ultra high     300 MHz    3 GHz
 SHF  Super high       3 GHz   30 GHz
 EHF  Extremely high  30 GHz  300 GHz
 THF  TeraHertz      300 GHz    3 THz

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With SABRE, parallel networks using different frequency bands and radios can be configured at the client, mesh and/or capacity injection layers.
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Additionally, RFMD estimates that the number of UMTS frequency bands supported by the average 3G multimode device will approximately double by 2010.
It operates in the 5 GHz frequency band, has a range of about 50 meters and allows for connection speeds up to 54Mbps.
This invention will become an integral part of TechnoConcepts' True Software Radio(TM), a wireless transmitter/receiver chip technology that operates continuously across different frequency bands, controlled entirely by software.
By using many small low-power radio modems, a narrowband wireless network can cover large geographical areas utilizing the license-free frequency bands.
The new patent-pending Dual Band DualPhase(TM) Programmable Antenna System Solutions(TM) operates in the current IDEN, Cellular, PCS and the new FCC rebanding and Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) frequency bands.

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