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However, the later-Victorian economic slumps and loss of confidence, Cordery demonstrates, were disastrous for the friendly societies.
Thorough, well researched and provocative in the depth to which Cordery examines the connectedness between friendly societies and the very cultural and social values from which they sprang, this book is an excellent contribution to the literature on nineteenth century working-class social and economic development.
Observation: This last benefit is clearly available in any takeover and suggests the finding that a takeover is friendly inevitably will lead to a conclusion that takeover expenses cannot be deducted.
On the one hand, they were significantly more likely to select the communicator styles of friendly, relaxed, open, dramatic, and attentive with an attractive superior than with an unattractive superior.
Admittedly speculative, this section sets out to measure the determinants of sickness time and mortality by combining evidence from the 1891 census of England and Wales and the author's own calculations based on the material from the friendly societies.
Laser Friendly will retain Infinity's management and the Company will continue to be based in New Mexico.
Existing contractual relationships with payors and physician groups that currently treat Friendly Hills' patients will be maintained.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), thereby establishing an entirely new category of truly environmentally friendly inks.
CONTACT: Jack Banks of Laser Friendly, 416-292-5963, Ext 247, or fax, 416-754-8441/
CONTACT: Jack Banks, president of Laser Friendly, 416-292-5963, ext.
Through the report, HFMA and other Patient Friendly Billing project partners, encourage providers to review and consider on how to successfully transition to a consumer-oriented revenue cycle.
Shea Homes is one of a growing number of homebuilders designing communities that reduce residential water use by offering the latest conservation technology through the California Friendly Home program sponsored by the Metropolitan Water District, its member agency Eastern Municipal Water District and the U.