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a woman’s inability to experience orgasm. Those with this condition have a lowered sex drive, although the child-bearing function is preserved. Frigidity can result from endocrine disturbances, diseases of the genitalia, inhibition of the sex drive, or mental disorders brought on by neuroses. In cases where the sex drive is inhibited, frigidity can pass (for example, after childbirth).

Treatment is dependent upon the causes of frigidity and is not indicated in all cases. Methods include psychotherapy, hormonal preparations, and physical therapy. Anorgasmy, or the absence of sexual satisfaction, is generally the result of sexual disharmony between partners and not sexual frigidity. It can be caused, for example, by the inadequate stimulation of a woman’s erogenous zones. The advice of a sexologist can help correct frigidity in many cases.


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Which is why it can be observed that the lack of satisfaction proper to sexual need, in other words, frigidity, is relatively well tolerated in women, whereas the Verdrangung inherent to desire is lesser in her case than in the case of the man (84).
Based on this information the patient was given a diagnosis of primary (having never experienced orgasm) or secondary (currently unable to experience orgasm) frigidity.
But I may well say if possible, as those who have not experienced it, cannot figure to themselves the extreme frigidity of a temperature from 18 to 27 degrees below zero, that is, from 50 to 59 degrees below freezing.
Having been labeled frigid, D'or, determined to refute that label, went to a bar where she spotted a young man on his own who possibly would facilitate her loss of frigidity.
The buds of iris unguicularis start to unfurl as the reality of winter begins to sink in, as though the garden was offering some compensation for its frigidity.
Wolf has some interesting perspectives on sexual stereotypes around female frigidity, and inorgasmia (the inability to experience orgasm) in heterosexual encounters.
Frances Smith filed in 1893 as her marriage was not consummated because her husband was incapable "by reason of the frigidity and impotency or other defect of the parts of generation".
And if the beloved's chastity can be reimagined as "too constant stiffenesse"--excessive rigidity and haughtiness--then courtship and marriage are characterized not by reciprocity, but by a contest between desire and frigidity.
The same device is utilized later in this unit to reveal the hopeless frigidity of letters of the Hawaiian alphabet chalk-scrawled by the teacher on the blackboard:
At the opposite end of the spectrum, frigidity was also grounds for diagnosing insanity.
Eventually he moves from his sister's home to live with the mother and it is at this point that he breaks through her emotional frigidity to establish a real bond, a bond which she does not have with either of the other children.
Implicit in the lyrics above is the seeming frigidity of the doctor.