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riving knife, froe, frow

A tool for splitting shingles and the like.
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l actually used the splitting maul in the photo to open up the log before using an Osage Orange billet to drive the froe.
When the back of the froe has been driven in level with the end of the bolt, the handle of the tool is either pulled toward you or pushed away (whichever works best).
This counts less in rough work tools such as froes, machetes and corn knives.
To assist the splitting, I push against the bolt with my knee as I pull the froe handle towards me.
Non reifforced tubing comes in bore sizes ranging froe 1 to 50mm, with any required wald thickness, and it is suitable for use in peristaltic pumps.
Take out your riving froe, shaving horse, draw knife, and your dog-eared copy of The Foxfire Book (the first and best in the series).
Felecia Froe spearheads the development of an innovative female incontinence device that preliminary tests show has the ability
9 (vii) THD15 (viii) Ingress protection as per IP 68 (a) Operating temperature 5 degree to 50 degree (x) Storage temperature - 5 degree to 70 degree xi) Humidity 10* -100* (xii) LEDs shall be operated at a forward current less than 90* of its rated current (xm) The LEOs used in the lummaire shall have minimum angle of 120 degree (xlv) Color rendernng Index (CRI) of the LEDs shall be greater than 70 xv) Confrom to Photo Biological Safety for the LEDs as per IEC 62471 (xvi) Froe replacement warranties of 5 years for technical defects
Their dissolved oxygen sensors, Model Hx438 and Gx448 have a double layer membrane system, made froe Teflon and stainless steel, which allows the use of high pressure with a fast response.
The air cannons are more suitable for blowing out debris froe inaccessible parts of machinery.
New butter-making equipment froe Westfalia Separator Ltd of Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes, tel:0190 857 6512 is setting a new standard for ecofomy and reliability in Europe where the company have installed four new systems European dairies since October last year - at B[ddot{u}]tzower, Barmstedt, Hommerich and the Almark cheese factory in Bismark.
FPL have engineered these new self-draifing pumps to ensure that, when the pump is idle, any media is automatically drained froe the pump's chambers.