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riving knife, froe, frow

A tool for splitting shingles and the like.
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Froe commented "The Urinary Incontinence device developed by Medical Technology & Innovations, shows tremendous promise as a solution for women with incontinence.
As emphasized above, for Melo Neto and Froes (1999, 2001), the exercise of internal social responsibility focuses on the internal group of the company, that is, its workers, object of our study.
Eliezer, D, Aghion, E, (Sam) Froes FH, "Magnesium Science, Technology and Applications.
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De forma objetiva, o retorno do investimento em responsabilidade social ocorre quando os consumidores da empresa privilegiam as suas atitudes e reconhecem o seu desempenho (MELO NETO; FROES, 1999, p.
From the human sciences literature, there are only a few mentions of ayahuasca use by pregnant women and children: one short personal anecdote about ayahuasca use during childbirth published in the appendix of Vera Froes Fernandes's (1986) seminal book on Santo Daime; an interview with a professional midwife from the Ceu do Mapia community, the headquarters of one branch of Santo Daime religion in the Amazon interior (Monteiro 2004); and a brief reference to the frequency with which youths of different ages are permitted to consume ayahuasca in the Uniao do Vegetal church.
Editors are Imam (Naval Research Laboratory), Froes (U.
Ricardo Froes comes to the company as the new vice president of Finance, Management and IT, reporting to the president, Libano Barroso, who has been fulfilling this role on an interim basis since he assumed the presidency in October 2009.
Melo Neto e Froes (1999) entendem que o exercicio da cidadania corporativa e resultante das acoes internas e externas de responsabilidade social desenvolvidas pela empresa.
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E eles vem em muito boa companhia, na traducao do poeta Leonardo Froes, com posfacio de Cristovao Tezza, o escritor brasileiro mais premiado em 2008.