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0 GHz, a 1333MHz front side bus, and a 2x2MB cache), to the 5400 series processors with up to 3.
Priced at $1,899 it includes 800MHz front side bus, 5000P chipset, dual redundant, hot-swap, load-sharing 700W power supply subsystem and expansion capability in a 2U chassis with support for up to 4.
Incorporating the Intel 945G Express chipset with an 800MHz front side bus, the ClientPro 375 offers a choice of Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processors with Hyper-Threading Technology.
The P4I865PE Novo motherboard utilises the 865PE and ICH5 chipsets and comes with a 400/533/800MHz front side bus.
The A+860 features Single, Dual or Quad Core Intel[R] Xeon processors, a 1066MHz front side bus, up to 2x4MB L2 cache and high speed dual channel memory, all of which combine to offer superior performance.
18-micron process technology and features a 400MHz front side bus while the 1.
Each processor has 8MB of shared CPU cache, a front side bus of 1066/1333 and is available in single or dual processor configurations starting at $219 per month.
Evergreen's new Performa III 1GHz provides the processing power of Intel's full Coppermine PIII core--including the latest MMX and SIMD video enhancement instructions (SSE) and 256K of L2 cache memory--for upgrading early Slot 1 Pentium III and Pentium II systems running at 100MHz front side bus speeds (350MHz and higher).
33GHz with a 266MHz front side bus and USD318 for 1.
New capabilities, such as longer residency in Enhanced Deeper Sleep low-power state and Dynamic Front Side Bus Switching, will help manage average power while delivering more performance.
The AMD Athlon processor features either a 266MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) or a 200MHz FSB based on the Alpha EV6 bus protocol.
The AMD Athlon processors with 266MHz front side bus and support for DDR will be available at 1.