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pedimented dormer
1. In Classical architecture, a triangular gable usually having a horizontal cornice, with raked cornices on each side, surmounting or crowning a portico or another major division of a façade, end wall, or colonnade.
2. A gable above or over a door, window, or hood; usually has a horizontal cornice, crowned with curved sides, or may also be crowned with another configuration (such as broken sides) or its base may be broken in the middle. For definitions and illustrations of specific types, See angular pediment, broken pediment, broken-scroll pediment, center-gabled pediment, curved pediment, open pediment, pointed pediment, round pediment, scroll pediment, segmental pediment, split pediment, swan’s-neck pediment, triangular pediment.
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A leader in Garcia's Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana (APRA) and close friend of Garcia, Augustin Mantilla, then serving as vice minister of the interior, was the top government representative at El Fronton.
Eventually, the jai alai player met a hometown girl back in Spain in the off-season and didn't return; I discovered baseball; the fronton later burned down; and I pretty much forgot most of the Spanish I picked up at that age when it's so easy to.
In Miami, they shift their attention to one of their half-dozen other teams and drown their remaining sorrows at the jai-alai fronton.
A fronton has been built for jai alai, a sport similar to handball but played with long curved wicker baskets attached to the wrist.
0 million related to a potential Jai Alai fronton project in Florida.
Le ministre d'Etat, ministre des Affaire etrangeres et de la Cooperation internationale, Ramtane Lamamra, a presente au president palestinien, Mahmoud Abbas, les felicitations les [beaucoup moins que] plus chaleureuses [beaucoup plus grand que] ainsi que les [beaucoup moins que] salutations fraternelles [beaucoup plus grand que] du president de la Republique, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a l'occasion de la ceremonie de levee du drapeau de l'Etat de Palestine au fronton du siege des Nations unies.
Contract notice: Cleaning the sports mikel trueba, fronton de larrea and kabiezes sports center.
There were also some clear successes - including fine reds from Madiran, Saint-Mont and, to some extent, Fronton, and some good inexpensive dry whites from the Ctes de Gascogne, but only a few can make it through to the wine fair.
Toulouse is in the heart of foie gras and cassoulet country and surrounded by the vineyards of the Gaillac and Fronton regions.
The home side should have gone in fronton 36 minutes - McCutcheon slipped a short pass to Mark Dickson.
Family and friends in Craig's adopted village of Fronton had always believed in his innocence since he was charged with rape last August.
The national sport in the Basque country is pelota, a mixture of rackets and fives, and virtually every village has its fronton (court).