frosted finish

caustic etch, frosted finish

A decorative matte texture produced on aluminum alloys by an etching treatment in an alkaline solution, generally caustic soda.
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1 Decorative Globe Shaped Post Top Lantern In Frosted Finish Made Of Poly Carbonate Suitable Up To 27 W Retrofit Cfl As Per Havells Type No.
The T8 16W U-BENT DIR tube comes in a frosted finish in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT.
The Contemporary Signage is a do-it-yourself system that provides a more professional, sophisticated look in a slim body with curved design and frosted finish on the back plates.
You don't want to literally recreate the 1960's frosted finish - that doesn't suit many mplexions.
It is crafted in solid sterling silver and glows with a white Breguet frosted finish, a technique that is currently only applied by Grieb & Benzinger, it said.
Again, the winding rotor is embellished with Morris-style engraving while the plates and bridges carry the very signature of traditional English watchmaking in the form of a frosted finish.
Suitable for a wide range of applications, the MP9 is a vertically ribbed acrylic shade that features a frosted finish and provides 24 percent uplighting.
com 5 A frosted finish has been added to Bulbrite's line of high-quality, high-performance chandelier LEDs.
The bottle has an elegant glass look achieved through the use of thick PETG plastic enhanced with a frosted finish.
The new Blue Ice color is said to feature an attractive crystal-clear blue edge and cool frosted finish that diffuses light for increased design options and backlit applications; Black Ice is described as an opaque black sheet with a frosted textured surface.