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The alert was raised by Geoffrey Cattell when he became worried after a bull on his land began frothing at the mouth.
Simon Tate, aged 35, of Fieldgate Lane, Kenilworth, who has a seven-month-old son, Joe, said: "I am almost frothing at the mouth with anger.
I attended the Mid-dleham open day and marked him down as a horse to follow simply because of his strange habit of frothing at the mouth.
Neither will his family, agents, advisers and assorted leeches frothing at the mouth to get a piece of the 14-year-old tipped as the hottest property in world football.
He whistled piccolos and warbled transverse flutes, singing, shouting, waving about like a madman, being in himself dancer and ballerina, singer and prima donna, all of them together and the whole orchestra, the whole theater; then redividing himself into twenty separate roles, running, stopping, glowing at the eyes like one possessed, frothing at the mouth.
While half the nation has been frothing at the mouth at footballers no longer being able to go around raping young women like the good old days and calling for more suitable penalties when victims are in short skirts (maybe call it RapeLite and take offenders' Xboxes away) the real story has gone largely unnoticed.
I keep getting red mists, frothing at the mouth, trembling, high blood pressure and, worst of all, spitting feathers.
The bandwagon jumpers must be frothing at the mouth at yet another mediahyped story that reinforces their beliefs that everyone who isn't in full-time, permanent employment is a waste of space.
It was sad the way the media were frothing at the mouth about it, as if there was going to be another PS50m signing like Fernando Torres a couple of years ago.
The Birmingham Post understands the alert was sounded after one bull was seen frothing at the mouth.
But Mr Naiker told Merthyr Tydfil Coroner's Court he started frothing at the mouth and making funny noises.
He was frothing at the mouth and screaming 'kill him Ben, kill him - no prisoners today'.