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1. (of a region or climate) icy or snowy
a. (of prices, wages, etc.) arbitrarily pegged at a certain level
b. (of business assets) not convertible into cash, as by government direction or business conditions

What does it mean when you dream about being frozen?

Being frozen in a dream has a range of possible meanings, from feeling emotionally or sexually cold to simply feeling that one is unable to do something different from whatever one is doing. We also speak about “frozen assets” and waiting until “hell freezes over.”

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Of note, the rates of implantation, clinical pregnancy, overall pregnancy loss, and ongoing pregnancy did not differ between the groups, but in a post hoc analysis, the rate of second-trimester pregnancy loss was lower with frozen embryo transfer (4.
On discovering the exact age of the frozen embryo, the couple acknowledged being stunned.
The time span makes Emma the longest known frozen embryo to result in birth, according to research staff at the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library.
Part III then examines recent case law developments; specifically, it discusses the only existing frozen embryo dispute in Missouri.
Accordingly, if the act of thawing is aimed at restoring the embryo to its normal biological status and transferring it to the womb of a woman, it is morally licit in that the intentionality of the subject is to save the life of that frozen embryo.
The IVF market is classified on the basis of IVF procedure and it can be either Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection or frozen embryo replacement or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.
Businessman Loeb filed a lawsuit last year seeking to take two frozen embryos the couple created before they split.
Family resemblance: The Shepherd family with Ryleigh (centre) who became the longest frozen embryo baby at MIS.
Frozen embryo babies typically had a longer gestation period than those born from fresh embryos, the research also found.
14) Likewise, if couples choose to create frozen embryos through the use of ART, they should consider entering into a pre-frozen embryo agreement prior to the medical procedure, addressing what would occur to the frozen embryos in the event of divorce or other circumstances.
3) While it is clear that such surplus embryos exist in Canada (although the numbers are much lower than is often suggested, simply because many frozen embryos are not yet surplus (4)), it is not clear that the Act limits research to these surplus embryos.
is spokeswoman for the National Embryo Adoption Awareness Campaign, which is affiliated with Nightlight Christian Adoptions agency and its Snowflakes Frozen Embryo Adoption program.