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The roll is fully baked and can be eaten on its own or filled like a sandwich.
These Crispy Croques are fully baked and can be reheated in just ten minutes in an oven, or in seconds in a microwave.
Rose stated, "At the same time, Uncle B's and Heinz have executed a Strategic Development Partner Agreement whereby Heinz desires that Uncle B's be its preferred supplier of par baked and fully baked bagels.
European Style Tuscanni are fully baked, packaged in a contemporary plastic clamshell with a Marinara Dipping Sauce, pre-labeled and then shipped frozen for refrigerated supermarket and c-store deli merchandising.
Officers paid routine and follow-up visits and found Tesco Healthy Living creamy coleslaw described as "homemade" coleslaw, and bought, fully baked farmhouse loaves described as home-baked bread.
Available nationwide fully baked or frozen, Mini Bagels are low in fat, high in protein, and full of energy and are the perfect healthy and wholesome alternative to bread and rolls.
For a fully baked tart shell, bake another 5 to 10 minutes at 400 degrees or until golden brown all over.
Incredibly light and flaky, Athens Mini Fillo Shells come fully baked or par baked.
Fully baked speciality breads and pastries developed especially for the convenience shopper in the UK have joined Edna Frozen Food's product line up.
We have grown adept at servicing the needs of agile marketing teams, and their growing and evolving needs are fully baked into our DNA.
Best Maid is headquartered in River Falls, Wisconsin and is a manufacturer of branded and private label gourmet cookies in both fully baked and frozen dough formats.
The flatbread sandwiches are fully baked, packaged in contemporary black based plastic clamshells, pre-labeled and then shipped frozen for merchandising in the refrigerated deli case, according to company officials.
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