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In his execution day sermon, Field fulminated against drunkenness, especially its deleterious effects on the family.
The right wing, moreover, fulminated in condemnations of a traditional ally in the trade control fight: the Defense Department.
In future, please be so good as to consider me as an MEP in my own right", fulminated the National Front leader.
When Ronsard fulminated about the sorry state of France in his Discours of 1562 he created one of the first modern prosopopoeia of the nation.
He pounded, he shouted, he walked around bent over and yelling at the stage as he fulminated against sexual sin.
He also fulminated against the FBI's mishandling of the Richard Jewell case, and suggested that Jewell sue the president of Piedmont College--that member of the "arts-and-croissants, wine-and-brie crowd"--for warning the FBI that Jewell was an overzealous security guard.
Norberg-Schulz has fulminated against putting the main entrance here (rather than on the axis of the atrium) but in many ways, the informality of the entrance seems friendly and appropriate for a commercial building.
The "patriarchal" Finnish poet Paavo Haavikko has fulminated about there being so many answers, so few questions.
In his letters to Thompson himself Tagore exhibited a remarkable restraint; to William Rothenstein, however, the poet privately fulminated about his publicist's 'pompous self-confidence, and his 'imperfect knowledge' of Bengali.
It fulminated against doctors; vivisection; hobble skirts ("Don't cry, Tommy; it's only a woman"); marriage of American girls to foreign fortune-hunters; and ticket speculators.
On October 14 Helms brandished it on the floor of the Senate and fulminated that it would "promote sodomy.