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If paramilitary assaults could be brought to an end by fulmination and hype, it would have happened a long time ago.
The Congress general secretary's fulmination against " paratroopers" landing just before elections ignores the fact that the party high command has been appointing paratrooper chief ministers with little respect for the cadres' choice -- N Kiran Kumar Reddy in Andhra Pradesh and Vijay Bahuguna in Uttarakhand being cases in point.
Similarly, in all the driveling and fulmination about 2 Live Crew's As Nasty as They Wanna Be, only two outfits have done us the courtesy of printing the lyrics, and those two outfits are the Washington City Paper, a fine free sheet, and (as perhaps you guessed) Tipper Gore's Parents' Music Resource Center.
A letter to state and local unions from president Lane Kirkland, after some ritual fulmination against leftist infiltrators with hidden agendas, reaches a climax that is almost papal in its demand for obedience, insisting on conformity with the leadership, the federation's constitution and the rule book.
Mr Sharif may denounce present-day facilitators and collaborators of anti-democratic rule, but without a sincere apology for his role in propping up the Zia era, his present-day fulminations against his opponents will appear to be little more than factional warfare among a permanent political elite.
Despite the fulminations of the left, this is not as frightening as some of the alternatives.
ISLAMABAD -- The Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb responding to the fulminations of Imran Khan at PTI workers convention on Sunday, wherein he accused the government of attacking the state institutions and vowed to defend their honour, strongly castigated him for what she termed as sheer hypocrisy on his part.
And, in the face of China's increasingly intemperate fulminations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government reiterated its respect for the "One China" policy, urging China's government not to generate "artificial controversies.
Those who know Yogi's past well do understand his uncontrolled fulminations against Muslims.
So far, so restrained -- in stark contrast to the berserk threats and fulminations that are the usual fare in North Korea.
It would be very easy to fill this column every week with fulminations borrowing from the colourful language of violence.
As we have reported previously, the advocates of one-world government at the IMF, United Nations, G20, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, World Economic Forum, central banks, and other centers of globalist influence have been issuing frantic fulminations claiming all manner of disastrous results for Britain should voters opt in favor of exiting the EU.