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see disinfectantdisinfectant,
agent that destroys disease-causing microorganisms and their spores. Disinfectants, or germicides, are sometimes considered to be substances applied to inanimate bodies, whereas antiseptics, not so potent, are agents that kill microbes on living things.
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the destruction of pests and causative agents of plant diseases by means of toxic vapors and gases. Fumigation is carried out with the aid of devices called fumigators and is applied in warehouses, mills, grain elevators, hothouses, hotbeds, vegetable storehouses, containers, rooms, special chambers, pits, and tents made of canvas or synthetics. Soil and rodent burrows may also be fumigated. The process is used to protect cuttings and such crops as grains, vegetables, tea, and fruits, including grapes and citrus fruits.

During fumigation the toxic gases and vapors act on the respiratory organs of pests under airtight conditions, causing the harmful organisms to die from poisoning within a certain amount of time—from a few hours to several days. The method, length of time, and effectiveness of fumigation depend on the properties of the fumigants and pests, as well as on the degree of infestation.

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In previous research, it was determined that the most widespread replant problem of almond and stone fruits, PRD, could be controlled by spot fumigation (Browne et al.
Many insects, especially at egg and pupal stages, are very tolerant of phosphine, and it may take more than 10 days of fumigation treatment to control them.
Kharb takes a strong exception to the use of "live" rats to test the efficacy of fumigation -- an act that he says is both "illegal" and "cruel".
Espinosa cited studies by scientists from the Universidad Catolica and the Universidad Central in Quito, which found alterations at a cellular level that cause fetal malformations and genetic damage in people near fumigation zones.
Unlike fumigation, with heat, whole factories or production lines don't have to be closed altogether while the work is ongoing," said David Elebert, MD of Eleberts Pestforce.
This strategy hypothesizes a nonzero standard for spore contamination and modest pre- and post-remediation environmental sampling (in contrast, >5,000 negative environmental samples were taken after the fumigation of the Brentwood mail-processing facility [4]).
According to Philip Cryan, a Witness for Peace Volunteer who lived in Bogota for two years, the fumigation has had significant health effects on the populations of subsistence farmers.
Certification, concerning either heat-treatment or fumigation for overseas shipment, is a paperless system that requires official stamps on the final product.
helicopters and contractors in a campaign of aerial fumigation, which, since 1996, has also destroyed food crops and farm animals, ruined water supplies and caused severe health problems.
The leaves might provide home fumigation, wood rat style, the researchers speculate.
The fumigation trucks were preceded by police cars, sirens blarring.
funded fumigation and militarization of the southern region of the country.