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Contract notice: 31111488: the drafting of a functional design for the decision and control system of the storm surge barrier ramspol.
How would an artisan incorporate the digital era into a functional design piece?
Busy Women on the Go Applaud Mom-preneur Jane Boatman Geller for Functional Design
Once the functional design requirements were met, it was time to get real, as the design team was tasked with taking a number of off the shelf pieces and incorporating them into the Sequels interior.
He wants developers and the public to remain aware of the world around them and remember the need for functional design that is also aesthetically pleasing.
Focusing on custom and spec construction in the Asheville city limits, The EcoBuilders is a locally owned and operated business emphasizing environmentally conscious site preparation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, native species landscaping, and aesthetic and functional design.
Their functional design includes sight lines that provide safer operation by making it easier to operate and maneuver in congested areas.
Its functional design allows dissimilar half-slot channels to be joined, regardless of profile size or finish.
Like the craft that cruise up and down the Thames, it is a fine-honed specimen of luxurious but functional design.
The DL-20's functional design features two independent spindles and turrets.
Activities related to development, improvement, or testing of the functional design or specifications of the product or process are R&E.
Its functional design offers plenty of workspace and enough room for three to sit down to a meal.

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