functional group

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functional group,

in organic chemistry, group of atoms within a molecule that is responsible for certain properties of the molecule and reactions in which it takes part. Organic compounds are frequently classified according to the functional group or groups they contain. For example, methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol are all classified as alcohols since each contains a functional hydroxyl group.

functional group

[¦fəŋk·shən·əl ′grüp]
(organic chemistry)
An atom or group of atoms, acting as a unit, that has replaced a hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon molecule and whose presence imparts characteristic properties to this molecule; frequently represented as R‒. Also known as functionality.
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The emulsion blended system is for producing crosslinking reactions only at the interfacial region of two kinds of functionalized particles, in which each particle has only one kind of functional group, carboxyl or epoxy groups (20).
This new product release elevates our technology platform to a new level, enabling our customers to better integrate and leverage information from other enterprise applications to support cost tracking in NPI projects, evaluate product design alternatives at the functional group or complete product level, and understand the cost implications of different tradeoff decisions.
By systematically treating each functional group in turn the work also identifies what is not known, thus pointing the way to new research areas.
Topics are organized into the following sections: oxidation, reduction, asymmetric synthesis, and functional group manipulations
Certain embodiments of the present invention further provide a functional block copolymer defined by the formula [alpha]-[pi]-[theta]-[omega] where [alpha] is a hydrogen atom or a functional group, n is an elastomeric block, [theta] is a thermoplastic block and [omega] is a hydrogen atom or a functional group.
A clear organizational scheme-chemical transformations classified first by reacting functional group of starting material, then by functional group formed-allows for quick reference and information retrieval.
Now in its fourth edition, the text continues to be a uniquely comprehensive and an indispensable reference for both synthetic organic and medicinal chemists who want to control the reactivity of the most common functional groups during a synthetic sequence.
Component A being at least one polymer having a molecular weight (Mn) of at least 800 that has at least one functional group polymerizable by irradiation with ultraviolet (UV) light or with electron beams and has at least one functional group selected from the group consisting of isocyanate groups and epoxy groups; capable of reacting with a compound having at least one acidic hydrogen atom, component B being at least one compound having a molecular weight (Mn) of 100-8000 which has at least two functional groups polymerizable by irradiation with UV light or with electron beams; and component D being a compound having at least two acidic hydrogen atoms, wherein component A, component B and component D are each a different compound.
In most organic reactions, one or more covalent bonds are broken, this normally causes a conversion of a functional group in the molecule from one category to a higher one.
PPG Industries has obtained a patent for a powder coating comprised of a film-forming resin; and a plurality of particles dispersed in the resin, wherein the particles have been chemically modified, wherein a modification by attachment of a compound having a surface-active moiety that lowers the solid surface tension of the particle, and a group that reacts with a functional group of the particle, to have a lower surface tension, thereby making the particles more incompatible with the film-forming resin than the particles would be without the modification.
The primer is comprised of at least one binder resin including at least one functional group selected from the group consisting of amide and amine functional groups; and at least one fluoropolymer resin being a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, hexafluoropropylene, and vinylidene fluoride, said copolymer having a melting point above about 160[degrees]C, the copolymer further comprising five percent to 30% by weight of vinylidene fluoride and being capable of reacting with at least one of the amide and amine functional groups of the binder resin.

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