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Let us not respond to fundamentalism with fundamentalism.
The Church, the State, and Women's Bodies in the Context of Religious Fundamentalism in the Philippines.
It is especially urgent to grasp the global context and structures that drive the fundamentalism we have to contend with in Europe.
Indeed, Openness is the most negatively correlated personality factor related to fundamentalism (Carlucci, Tommasi, & Saggino, 2011; Costa, Busch, Zonderman, & McCrae, 1986; Saroglou, 2002).
International sources estimate that Iran spends $1bn-$2bn every month to prop up the Syrian regime; The Iranian mullahs' regime, in essence, is the fountainhead of Islamic fundamentalism in terms of ideology, policy, money, weapons and logistical support.
The first thing we need to do is document the phenomenon of fundamentalism, including the way it's developing in the Quebec context.
His narrative not only masterfully summarizes the theological arguments for the diverse movements of Puritanism, the Great Awakening, the Second Awakening, Millenarianism, Liberalism, the emergence of Fundamentalism, and subsequent conservative efforts to preserve the core of Christian belief; it also provides attractive sketches of the key personalities--Jonathan Edwards, Charles Chauncy, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Dwight Moody, William Jennings Bryant, among others--for a renewed conversation.
Nowadays, fundamentalism is more prominent among Muslims than in other religious traditions.
Fundamentalism is a significant social problem, particularly in some contexts.
In his defense, Doy-an also acknowledged that the military held meetings about the alleged threat of religious fundamentalism during the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) era.
It is argued that poverty, environmental degradation and fundamentalism have and continue to adversely impact on the lives of the great majority of mankind across the entire globe.
Ironically, fundamentalism is a reaction against such pluralism and urbanization.