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(1) Monetary or material resources that either finance certain activities (wages fund) or constitute the basic holdings or reserves of such institutions as libraries and museums.

(2) An organization or institution that gives material aid to artists, for example, the Literary Fund of the USSR.

(3) In capitalist countries, international or national grants or capital investments (usually set up by private individuals) to support educational institutions, carry out scientific projects, and promote and reward discoveries, inventions, and achievements in the arts and sciences.

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Categories of Play Aligned with Funder Targets Funder Target Type of Play Skills Gained Critical-thinking Object play Spatial skills problem-solving skills Peace, conflict- Attunement and Interpersonal resolution sources social play skills Leadership Storytelling and Logical, narrative play sequential thought as well as confidence Funder Target Camp Curriculum Element Critical-thinking Arts and crafts, unique skills sports, and traditional handcrafts Peace, conflict- Less programmed side of camp resolution sources allowing campers the space to talk to each other (instead of texting) and really connect with counselors Leadership Drama, skits, and performances
Dimensions for Funders will provide scientific research funding organizations with analytical and comparative funding information in order to provide a clear picture of the global R&D landscape for any possible area of research.
The Greater Newark Workforce Funders Collaborative expects to create its first workforce partnership - a dedicated commitment between training providers and the businesses that agree to hire training participants - by October 2011.
Remember the funder has a reason for giving in a certain community.
When a nonprofit emphasizes earned income at the expense of philanthropic revenues, it risks weakening the trusting relationships that make funders willing to give monies that produce a hard-to-verify social return.
NiteOwl, founded by Colin Myers and Rob Funder in 2009, developed a bar top machine called JetChill that injects dry ice into the bottom of its drinks glasses to produce two chilled smoking cocktails at a time.
Miriam Weber, one of the women Funder interviews at length, managed all four.
Here he offers an analytical scan of funder collaboratives across the US as a guide for others in the profession.
GROUP PERIL Social psychology's pioneers, with few exceptions, believed that individuals lose their moral compass in groups and turn into "irrational, suggestible, and emotional brutes," Krueger and Funder argue.