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(1) Monetary or material resources that either finance certain activities (wages fund) or constitute the basic holdings or reserves of such institutions as libraries and museums.

(2) An organization or institution that gives material aid to artists, for example, the Literary Fund of the USSR.

(3) In capitalist countries, international or national grants or capital investments (usually set up by private individuals) to support educational institutions, carry out scientific projects, and promote and reward discoveries, inventions, and achievements in the arts and sciences.

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You can see this in the difference between funding for management employees under a 501 (c) (9) trust and the more tax-advantaged funding vehicles for collectively bargained employees.
RUEBECK: My company started with funding a VEBA, and then added a 401 (h) account.
At the two companies with which we have been involved in funding with TOLI, people have difficulty understanding the role life insurance plays in the TOLI structure.
Having said that, one of the other major considerations goes back to the cost of funding.
The intent of TOLI is to fund an obligation on an actuarially sound basis, in a manner very similar to pension funding.
That is, are companies using tax-advantaged funding creating the equivalent of a non-forfeitable benefit in the process?