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Halogenated furanones from marine red macroalgae Delisea pulchra were the first reported quenchers of quorum sensing (9, 10).
9) The furanones are thought to make less significant contributions to aroma due to their considerably higher aroma-detection thresholds, but they may influence the perception of oak lactone.
How Delisea pulchra furanones affect quorum sensing and swarming motility in Serratia liquefaciens MG1.
Furanones in strawberries: Evolution during ripening and postharvest shelf life.
Sulphides and furanones from steam volatile oils of Allium fistulosum and Allium chinense.
Technology 2: Compounds called furanones block the build-up of biofilms, layers that harbor bacteria and other microscopic life.
Halogenated furanones inhibit quorum sensing through accelerated LuxR turnover.
For example, red algae secrete halogenated furanones and enones that act as antagonists of acylated homoserine lactone signaling molecules present in biofilms.
Topics include ultrasonic cleaning-induced failures, palladium-based alloys, nitinol wires, strength improvement of titanium alloys, inhibiting microbial biofilm formation with brominated furanones, and biodegradable adjunctive therapy for extremity wound infection reduction.
Washington, Dec 23 (ANI): Scientists from Syracuse University have created new brominated furanones that may help to check deadly fungal infections.