fusible tape

joint tape

A tape used to cover joints formed by adjacent sheets of wallboard.
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Tenders are invited for Silcon Rubber Based Self Fusible Tape Flame Retardant Having Film As Inter , Non - Adhesive As Per Rdso Ib.
28 Use lightweight fusible tape to reinforce and stabilize seams.
Tenders are invited for Self Fusible Tape To Permacel P-571 Fr Or Similar As Per Rdso Instruction Bulletin No.
Nonwovens converter Gem Tex Sales, LaGrange, GA, has introduced a line of shoulder pads, sleeve heads, under-collar felts and fusible tapes.
Total quantity or scope: Provision of road markings namely the provision of road paint, coating, hot-cold resin, paint water, solvent-based paint, bosses, fusible tapes and various accessories related to road markings .