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Jacada Fusion addresses a real problem whose time has come.
The workings of a fusion power plant is analyzed in details including the confinement theories, materials utilized, and economics of fusion power.
With 18 Network Centers across Japan, Fusion plans to offer IP subscriber telephony service to users with broadband connections, in addition to long-distance service.
I would call this the most startling finding since that first announcement [of cold fusion] by Pons and Fleischmann," says Fritz Will, director of the National Cold Fusion Institute at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.
Founded in 2004, Double Fusion is the leading independent provider of dynamic in game advertising.
Blast Fusion utilizes Magma's patent-pending FixedTiming methodology and single, unified data model architecture, which allow it to perform logic optimization and physical design while taking timing constraints into account.
5 million of its public funds for research at the National Cold Fusion Institute (NCFI) in Salt Lake City On Jan.
For practical fusion power, a reactor would have to perform at a Q-value of 25 to 30, or it would have to host self-sustaining fusion reactions, which require no further power input once ignited.
The Salt Lake Tribune reported on June 1 that $500,000 identified as a grant from an "unnamed source" in the current quarterly report of the university-affiliated National Cold Fusion Institute (NCFI) actually came from a school fund.
as our conference sponsor; they bring significant expertise and stature to the Sensor Fusion event," said Nick Comerford, sponsorship director at Marcus Evans.
The controversy began March 23, 1989, when the two chemists claimed to have devised electrochemical cells, used to break heavy-water molecules into atoms, that produced so much heat energy that only nuclear reactions--such as the fusion of the water's deuterium atoms inside a cell's palladium electrode -- could be responsible (SN: 4/1/89).