futures market

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futures market,

a commodity exchange where contracts for the future delivery of grain, livestock, and precious metals are bought and sold. Speculation in futures serves to protect both the developers and the users of the commodities from unfavorable and unpredictable price fluctuations. The U.S. futures market now includes Treasury bills and government guaranteed mortgages, or Ginnie Maes, thereby allowing speculation on changes in future interest rates. See commodity marketcommodity market,
organized traders' exchange in which standardized, graded products are bought and sold. Worldwide, there are more than 20 major commodity exchanges and many smaller ones that trade commodities, ranging from grains and beans, coffee, tea, and cocoa, and cotton
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The study also employed the vector autoregression (VAR) model to investigate the relationship between spot return volatility and futures market.
Daigler and Wiley (1999) find that large changes in volume are an important factor in explaining volatility in the futures market.
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is currently examining potential regulations on futures markets, though none now exist.
In coffee we are fortunate to have a contract called the "C" contract on the New York Coffee and Cocoa Exchange which is definitely the most widely traded futures market in coffee.
If the increase in health-care costs is ever less than expected, the company incurs a loss in the futures market from buying contracts at the beginning of the hedging period and selling them later at lower prices.
It is much harder to pile paper debts on top of each other in the futures markets since big losers must pay up at the end of each day.
The End of Bretton Woods: An Opportunity for a Vibrant Futures Market in Currencies
China does not allow financial institutions to operate in the commodity futures market without special regulatory approval.
Our new Futures Market Pulse sections contain some data and tools that have never been available on a public website," said Eero Pikat, President of Barchart.
I suspect the dairy futures market will also prove popular with manufacturers and purchasers of milk powder.
The futures market for crude oil spiked Wednesday morning, prior to Secretary of State Colin Powell's speech before the United Nations detailing Iraq's alleged violations of U.
In Futures: The Rise of the Speculator and the Origins of the World's Biggest Markets, senior writer at Forbes magazine Emily Lambert, tells us the rich and dramatic history of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade, which together comprised the original, most bustling futures market in the world.