futures market

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futures market,

a commodity exchange where contracts for the future delivery of grain, livestock, and precious metals are bought and sold. Speculation in futures serves to protect both the developers and the users of the commodities from unfavorable and unpredictable price fluctuations. The U.S. futures market now includes Treasury bills and government guaranteed mortgages, or Ginnie Maes, thereby allowing speculation on changes in future interest rates. See commodity marketcommodity market,
organized traders' exchange in which standardized, graded products are bought and sold. Worldwide, there are more than 20 major commodity exchanges and many smaller ones that trade commodities, ranging from grains and beans, coffee, tea, and cocoa, and cotton
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DCE and CZCE are primarily agricultural exchanges, CFFEx -- the only financial futures market in China -- trades the CSI 300 index future, and SHFE operates as one of three global base metals price-setting markets along with the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the New York Mercantile Exchange's COMEX.
The launch of Single Stock Futures Market has been accomplished following the recent introduction of the new Futures Trading System (SAMA), designed specifically for the Futures Market of Iran by the IT department of Tehran Stock Exchange with cooperation of Iran Mercantile Exchange.
One of the price risk elimination tools are futures market instruments, where buying or selling future contract, trensfer risk from producers to the professional traders, speculators.
The lead-lag relationship investigates whether the spot market leads the futures market, whether the futures market leads the spot market, or whether the bidirectional feedback between the two markets exists.
Rosenberg and Traub (2006) state that informed traders may prefer the futures market to the OTC market because of the anonymity of trader identity or higher speed of transaction execution.
Right now there is a huge natural-gas futures market, but it doesn't mean that 12 months down the road, the price now being hedged will pan out.
Does a futures market increase the variability of cash market prices, and if it does, is that good or bad?
Abdul Wahed Al Fahim, Chairman of Nasdaq Dubai, said: Todays addition of our first index products marks a new phase of expansion for Nasdaq Dubais futures market, which now offers opportunities for investors to make gains whether the value of the DFMGI index is falling or rising, and make use of leverage to maximize their exposure.
The addition of contracts on GFH's shares were added to the futures market, which was established in September 2016, as a result of Nasdaq Dubai's development strategy, which aims to add further depth and breadth to the futures market as it works to provide derivatives trading opportunities in regional assets.
Bahrain-based GFH Financial Group has announced that the single stock futures contracts on the group's shares have begun trading on Nasdaq Dubai's equity futures market.