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The amount of magma generated and the proportion of it that erupts varies along mid-ocean ridges, leading to significant variations in total crustal thickness and in the relative proportions of gabbroic rocks, sheeted dikes, and pillow lavas.
The aim of this paper is to present the petrologic and structural characterization of the units exposed in the Sierra San Miguel region, corresponding to the southernmost border of the Laguna Merin Basin (East Uruguay), with particular emphasis in the gabbroic intrusion.
Compilations of dredge results and gravity lows centered over dredge segments also suggest that a continuous gabbroic layer simply does not exist at slow-spreading ridges, and that their internal stratigraphy is governed by ongoing faulting and deformation accompanied by hydrothermal alteration as cold seawater sinks into the crust, heats up, and reacts with the rock as much as by intrusion of new lava at depth and its eruption to the seafloor.
Gabbroic rocks occur in the northwestern part of the unit, intruded by small crosscutting dykes of alkali-feldspar granite.
1991, Syn- and post-kinematic intrusions of troctolite, gabbro, and peridotite into layered gabbroic cumulates in the Bay of Islands ophiolite: genesis of anorthosite by partial assimilation, and troctolite by hybridization: Geological Survey of Canada, Current Research, Paper 91-1, part D, p.
It is suggested that local gabbroic pottery and stoneware continued in use alongside these imports.
They show that low-grade gold mineralization does extend south of the Kiaka Central Area, where it occurs on both sides of a large unmineralised gabbroic intrusion.
However, gabbroic bodies in the same area are interpreted to be part of the Landry Brook pluton, based on petrological features described below.
The drilling has intersected packages of both cumulate and intrusive style magnetite-ilmenite mineralisation intercalated with gabbroic and anorthositic country rock.
hosted by monotonous sequences of clastic rocks intruded by gabbroic to granitic plutons, and metamorphosed to at least the greenschist fades.
There was also a sandhill find from Hardelot in the Pas-de-Calais, France, which is of gabbroic clay.