gabled roof

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gable roof

gable roof
A roof having a single slope on each side of a central ridge; usually with a gable at one or at both ends of the roof.
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The property has gabled roof lines, square bay front window and a Victorian inspired porch with turned wood pillar.
Victorian Stick houses are characterized by a steep gabled roof and large geometric forms in the trusses of the gables or on the woodwork (see Figure 6).
They say the proposed new building, designed with a pitched and gabled roof and entrance porch, will be much more attractive than the existing pub.
Honored with the 2001 BOMA "Building of the Year" Award, the 283,707-square-foot structure has a distinctive exterior with a gabled roof and roman arch accent.
Gabled roof as rafter roof, 2 flat sloping dormer-like transition structures made pitched roof to an adjacent tower, insulation installation as Vollsparren- and rafters, as well as wall insulation, substructure for separate Roofers about 400 mA.
Mr and Mrs Wilson, replacement of roof with new gabled roof with dormers front and rear, 513 Bradford Road, Far town.
The upscale building design will feature a brick and stucco finish with decorative windows and a gabled roof.
The town is filled with picturesque Arts and Crafts homes with gabled roof lines and front porches.
The two-story Victorian house has a gabled roof and a veranda on three sides.
The building design, featuring gabled roof forms and brick and cast-stone facades, will complement the existing campus architecture.
So, in consultation with landscape designer John Kenyon, they created a freestanding open-air version instead: A simple gabled roof with skylights rests on four columns to form a handsome sheltered outdoor room.