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gaboon, okoume

A wood resembling African mahogany but softer and lighter in weight.
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Disruptive coloration hides a venomous gaboon viper in leaves as it eagerly waits for a meal of birds, rodents, or frogs in Africa's tropical forests.
Feel the hairs stand up on your arms as the thick-bodied gaboon viper rouses from sleep, lifts its arrow-shaped head and bares a set of deadly two-inch fangs, the longest of any snake in the world.
Out come the poisonous snakes--the fer-de-lance, the Gaboon viper--slithering toward me.
The okapi shares the rain forest with chimpanzees, forest elephants, giant hogs, deerlike bongos, and the deadly gaboon viper.
Wenge grows in swampy areas in Zaire, Cameroon, and Gaboon.
In a stand of bamboo, winding around the base of several new shoots, slithers a Gaboon viper
The fingerboard is made from premium Gaboon ebony found only in the deepest, darkest regions of Central Africa.
Late (2 - 3 days post bite) haemostatic disturbances, especially thrombocytopenia, have been described in puff adder and gaboon adder bites.
Other memorable cases include a parcel sent from Tanzania which was found to contain a puff adder and gaboon viper - both of which are highly venomous snakes.
Visitors can try to outstare the penetrating gaze of the black mamba and watch as the gaboon viper flashes its 2-inch-long fangs.
The highly-venomous Gaboon viper of tropical Africa has fangs which measure 2in long in a 6ft specimen.