gag rules

gag rules,

in parliamentary procedure, rules limiting or prohibiting free debate on a particular issue. In U.S. history, the term is applied especially to procedural rules in force in the House of Representatives from 1836 to 1844. With the growth of antislavery feeling after the founding of the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1833, the House was deluged with thousands of antislavery petitions, most of which requested the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia. Southerners, with the aid of Northern Democrats, secured passage of the gag rules, which prevented the discussion of antislavery proposals in the House. The fight to secure the right of petition, waged virtually singlehandedly, and brilliantly, by John Quincy Adams, aroused the North, and the gag rules were repealed. They had the effect of strengthening the cause of the abolitionistsabolitionists,
in U.S. history, particularly in the three decades before the Civil War, members of the movement that agitated for the compulsory emancipation of the slaves.
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I'm here because I want to contribute and chat over lunch about face transplants, gag rules, potentiality and human embryos, Heidegger and suicide, just wars, just health care, suicide and demoralization, growing tomatoes, cycling, marriage, and kids.
All managed care plans must have a system in place to accommodate enrollee grievances and appeals and are prohibited from issuing gag rules that interfere with patient-provider communications.
These gag rules will largely impact disadvantaged families whose access to accurate medical information and competent care is already grossly inadequate," says Kingsley, whose own son's AD/HD was spotted by a Houston public school teacher.
Every time Congress has tried to play politics with that fundamental, personal right, imposing gag rules and attaching anti-choice language to any bill they can think of, we have stood up to them and stopped them.
This Part will also discuss how acts of higher lawmaking, whether at the state or the municipal level, function as gag rules to bind the actions of lower governmental institutions.
He also was the senior minority member of the Agricultural Committee and might have chaired the Intelligence Committee if he hadn't quit in 1987, saying he couldn't live with the committee's gag rules on national security topics that were being openly discussed in the nation's press.
In many cases, there are gag rules written into these contracts," says the ACLU's Weiss.
An exclusion of gag rules, allowing providers in insurance plans to
It would also ban so-called gag rules in contracts between health plans and providers.
Legislation approved by California lawmakers would bar automakers from imposing gag rules in agreements to repurchase cars or trucks that are deemed defective under the state's lemon law.
I believe gag rules on prisoners are a violation of First Amendment rights generally, but in this instance, they are particularly loathsome.