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gambrel roof, gambrel

gambrel roof, 1
1. (US) A roof which has two pitches on each side; in Great Britain called a mansard roof.
2. (Brit.) A roof which has a small gable near the ridge on one end; the part of the roof below the gable is inclined. Also see Dutch gambrel roof, English gambrel roof, Flemish gambrel roof, New England gambrel roof, Swedish gambrel roof.
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Two other types, once common in pre-1950 homes, have virtually disappeared, though they continue to dot many older neighborhoods in most cities -- the mansard and gambrel.
Unlike traditional gambrels, which require making an incision in the animal's legs and then inserting hook ends, the Universal Gambrel uses gravity to seize the animal's legs in the loops located on both ends of the galvanized steel spreader bar.
Contact: Mark's Universal Gambrel, 3934 Sawyerwood Rd.