gamma correction

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gamma correction

Adjustments applied during the display of a digital representation of colour on a screen in order to compensate for the fact that the Cathode Ray Tubes used in computer monitors (and televisions) produce a light intensity which is not proportional to the input voltage. The light intensity is actually proportional to the input voltage raised to the inverse power of some constant, called gamma. Its value varies from one display to another, but is usually around 2.5.

Because it is more intuitive for the colour components (red, green and blue) to be varied linearly in the computer, the actual voltages sent to the monitor by the display hardware must be adjusted in order to make the colour component intensity on the screen proportional to the value stored in the computer's display memory. This process is most easily achieved by a dedicated module in the display hardware which simply scales the outputs of the display memory before sending them to the digital-to-analogue converters.

More expensive graphics cards and workstations (particularly those used for CAD applications) will have a gamma correction facility.

In combination with the "white-point" gamma correction is used to achieve precise colour matching.

Robert Berger's explanation of monitor gamma.

["Digital Imaging in C and the World Wide Web", W. David Schwaderer].

gamma correction

An adjustment to the light intensity (brightness) of a scanner, monitor or printer in order to match the output more closely to the original image. A gamma correction imposes the complement of the "tone curve" in order to flatten the line and bring the gamma closer to the ideal 1.0 (see gamma).
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Finally, investigators can use many different options for further enhancement, including gamma corrections, contrast stretching, and histogram equalization.
The Gamma Correction system closely matches the characteristics of the specific panels used in NEC Technologies' projectors for more linear and accurate grayscale and improved dynamic range.
Abekas format tapes can then be read and converted back into numbered PICT or TIFF files, and QuickTime movies, while maintaining optional resizing and gamma correction capabilities.
Advanced image processing features are designed directly into the MT9M112 including three channel gamma correction, lens shading correction, and color correction.
today announced the launch of 3Deep(TM), gamma correction software for 3D games.
The 12-bit input data resolution of both devices improves display uniformity, and better black-level gamma correction takes full advantage of a system design that processes 10-bit imaging data.
The gamma correction is digitally controlled by 4-bit
The ASIC will also support VESA's draft "plug and play" electrical interface standard and will provide an on-chip illuminator controller as well as programmable gamma correction.
It also has built in GAMMA correction to allow doctors to view DICOM compliant Radiological Images in the sterile field.
3 of Movie Cleaner Pro has many new features including built-in IMA audio compression, adaptive noise reduction, de-interlacing, gamma correction, as well as improved audio resampling.
Its on-chip capabilities include an advanced image flow processor which performs: auto exposure, white balance, horizontal blanking, vertical blanking, color recovery and correction, sharpening, programmable gamma correction, on the fly defect identification and correction, zoom, windowing, and numerous other automatic functions.