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see nervous systemnervous system,
network of specialized tissue that controls actions and reactions of the body and its adjustment to the environment. Virtually all members of the animal kingdom have at least a rudimentary nervous system.
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an anatomically isolated cluster of nerve cells (neurons), nerve fibers, and tissues, found in many invertebrates, all vertebrates, and man. In vertebrates, ganglia are located along the nerve stems.

Intervertebral ganglia, ganglia near the vertebrae, prevertebral ganglia, and ganglia enclosed in the thickness of the walls of the internal organs are topographically distinguished from each other. The intervertebral ganglia and similar ganglia are made up of sensory pseudo-unipolar neurons. Other ganglia are part of the peripheral sector of the autonomous nervous system and are mainly clusters of effector multipolar autonomous neurons, including sensory and association neurons. The clusters of neurons in each ganglion are surrounded by a layer of satellite cells, outside of which there is a thin capsule of connective tissue. Between the groups of neurons there are thicker connective tissue layers forming the connective tissue base, or stroma, of the ganglion. On the outside the ganglion is covered by a fibrous capsule, from which blood vessels reach the ganglion by way of the connective tissue layers. The synapses (nerve fibers that form the end, or terminal, contacts) lead to the bodies and branches of the autonomic neurons. In invertebrates, the ganglia arecoordinating centers carrying out the functions of a central nervous system. By means of reciprocal connections the ganglia in invertebrates form a single system that corresponds in its arrangement to the overall structure of their bodies.



A group of nerve cell bodies, usually located outside the brain and spinal cord.


1. an encapsulated collection of nerve-cell bodies, usually located outside the brain and spinal cord
2. a cystic tumour on a tendon sheath or joint capsule
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Administration of lidocaine to the sphenopalatine ganglion acts as a 'reset button' for the brain's migraine circuitry," noted Mandato.
Posterior interosseus nerve paralysis caused by ganglion at the elbow.
Western blot analysis was carried out on protein samples from the optic ganglion, brain ganglion, thoracic ganglion, and muscle.
The compound only works when the rods and cones of the retinal photopigment layer have already died, as this causes electrophysiological changes in to the ganglion cells.
Digerleri ise enfeksiyon hastaliklari (toksoplazma, sitomegalovirus, herpes simplex, abse olusumu, tuberkuloz gibi), vaskuler (arterioskleroz, Sturge-Weber hastaligi gibi), endokrin (hiperparatiroidizm, psodohipoparatiroidizm, idiopatik bazal ganglion kalsifikasyonu, gibi), D hipervitaminozu, subdural hematomdur (14).
The hope is that with more stimulators, more ganglion cells in the damaged tissue will be activated, and image quality will improve.
DIAGNOSIS: Ganglion cyst without atypical features.
The recordings were made at high-speed (over 10 million samples each second) and with fine spatial detail, sufficient to detect even a locally complete population of the tiny and densely spaced output cells known as "midget" retinal ganglion cells.
If your doctor diagnosed a ganglion cyst, the growth must not be in the skin (like a wart).
This Grueneberg ganglion is made up of about 500 specialized cells - neurons - that carry messages between the body and the brain.
Two ganglia of the facial nerve--the geniculate ganglion and the meatal ganglion--are well established.
Atrophy of spiral ganglion neurons causes 118TNE mice to have significant hearing deficits at high frequencies (16 and 32 kHz).