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A dense fog or drizzle from low stratus clouds on the west coast of South America, creating a raw, cold atmosphere that may last for weeks in winter, and supplying a limited amount of moisture to the area. Also known as camanchaca.



a city in northern Cameroon. Population, 20,000 (1960). It is a port on the right bank of the Benue River and serves the Republic of Chad as well as Cameroon. Its exports include cotton, peanuts, meat, wool, and hides. An airfield is located nearby. The production of peanut oil and the ginning of cotton are carried on. A cloth-spinning factory, which also supplies Chad, and a slaughterhouse are also located in Garua.



a dense, drizzling fog on the Pacific coast of South America, in Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. The garúa may last a long time during the six winter months. It is associated with the cooling of ocean air over the cold waters of the Peru Current. The term “garúa climate” is used to designate the climate of deserts located on the coasts of continents that are washed by cold ocean currents.

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