garage door

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overhead door

A door, of either the swing-up or the roll-up type, which, when open, assumes a horizontal position above the door opening; may be a single leaf or constructed of several leaves; often used as a door on a garage.
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People are already looking online for garage door repair and installation companies in Scottsdale," points out Matt Gallo, a Prospect Genius online marketer.
Keep the cold out: It's always important to make sure the garage door is functioning properly, but it's vital during winter when the cold air and snow can cause damage to parked cars or other valuable property.
The Global Garage Door Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the garage door industry.
Peterlee-based Gliderol Garage Doors makes garage doors for both residential and commercial markets, ranging from residential home garages, to airport hangar doors.
The idea for the business came to Jamon while he was in an externship at a garage door company.
As of August 2005, manufacturers had received over 1,300 customer complaints of affected garage door openers that they attributed to interference from Land Mobile Radios.
Many models are available with remote control versions if you want to save yourself bother and open and close your garage door from the comfort of your car.
Designed to "set the standard in the storage and organization community," Virgo said the title includes information that will benefit garage door dealers branching into remodeling and organization, contractors seeking solutions to storage needs, and closet manufacturers outfitting a bedroom, laundry room or office.
I told my son to do everything in his power to get up and open the garage door.
It is important to select a garage door that is specifically designed to offer the highest levels of protection from the risk of break-ins.
According to Geschke, JCI's "humble beginnings" in the automotive electronics arena really began in 1978, when the company integrated a garage door opener into an overhead console.
These devices are intended to be a convenience for accessing a private home garage door with a built-in transmitting device in the vehicle.