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in law, means of requiring a third party who holds a debtdebt,
obligation in services, money, or goods owed by one party, the debtor, to another, the creditor. When contested, debts are collected by a civil suit upon which the judge renders a judgment, and an execution is levied on the debtor's property.
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 (including wages) due a defendant to retain the property temporarily. The garnishment consists of a warning, in the form of a judgmentjudgment,
decision of a court of law respecting the issues before it. The term ordinarily is not applied to the decree (order) of courts of equity. The outstanding characteristic of a legal judgment, in contrast to an equitable decree, is its finality and fixity; thus, except
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, to the third party, called the garnishee, not to deliver the goods or money due to the defendant, but to hold them in trusttrust,
in law, arrangement whereby property legally owned by one person is administered for the benefit of another. Three parties are ordinarily needed for the relation to arise: the settlor, who bequeaths or deeds the property for another's benefit; the trustee, in whose hands
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 pending the outcome of the plaintiff's suit. This provisional remedy guarantees the plaintiff at least some recovery if he wins the case.
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Unlike the dark days of cocktails, when puny, half-dried-out lemon slices or bright red, artificially flavored cherries ruled the condiment tray, today's garnishes are an integral part of a great drink.
In the session "Sexxy Dranks" at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference, Hartai explained how the right techniques and tools can help you improve your garnishes.
Never cut more garnishes than you need for one service.
Seger works closely with the kitchen not only to source products, but also to add that chef's touch to each of his cocktails; garnishes that have been found on his drinks include fresh strawberries, sugarcane, candied ginger, basil on the twig and the combo of homegrown mint and fresh blueberries.
Then feel free to improvise and change the spices, flavors or garnishes according to your tastes.
Whether simple and understated, or spicy and daring, with a little planning, produce garnishes can say a lot about the drink and the establishment.
He also believes in presentation that is appealing to the eye; garnishes should be used to highlight, not overpower, a dish.
Favorite kitchen gadget: A vegetable turner that he uses for a lot of garnishes so that the vegetables come out in thin threads.
Customers are growing used to multi-hued cocktails--now you may need to get fancier with your garnishes
Dress up the recipes with a lovely presentation - either on beautiful dishes or with festive garnishes and get ready for the kudos.