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in law, means of requiring a third party who holds a debtdebt,
obligation in services, money, or goods owed by one party, the debtor, to another, the creditor. When contested, debts are collected by a civil suit upon which the judge renders a judgment, and an execution is levied on the debtor's property.
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 (including wages) due a defendant to retain the property temporarily. The garnishment consists of a warning, in the form of a judgmentjudgment,
decision of a court of law respecting the issues before it. The term ordinarily is not applied to the decree (order) of courts of equity. The outstanding characteristic of a legal judgment, in contrast to an equitable decree, is its finality and fixity; thus, except
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, to the third party, called the garnishee, not to deliver the goods or money due to the defendant, but to hold them in trusttrust,
in law, arrangement whereby property legally owned by one person is administered for the benefit of another. Three parties are ordinarily needed for the relation to arise: the settlor, who bequeaths or deeds the property for another's benefit; the trustee, in whose hands
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 pending the outcome of the plaintiff's suit. This provisional remedy guarantees the plaintiff at least some recovery if he wins the case.
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Taxpayers who qualify for Currently Not Collectible status will not be subject to either an IRS Bank Levy or IRS Wage Garnishment.
After the Zimmers failed to pay any portion of the judgment, writs of garnishment were issued on Sept.
A Bar Board of Governors committee is concerned that Florida lawyers aren't sufficiently aware of a recent Supreme Court ruling that they must issue stop payment orders on checks issued from their trust accounts if they are served with writs of garnishment seeking that money.
Federal statutes limit garnishment for consumer loans to 25% of the borrower's disposable income, and many states have much lower limits.
Years ago, before passage of the Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1970, employers often fired workers who were garnished because of the strain it put on the company Today, many payroll managers are feeling "stressed out" because of the high number of garnishments and child support deductions they are being required to handle.
For example, the law authorizes deductions from an employee's pay when it is legally required, such as for taxes or money to satisfy a garnishment or child support order.
Orders and garnishments involving registered domestic partners for spousal and child support must be obeyed;
It was predicated upon what it had failed to do relative to complaint with state law on garnishments.
By that time, James had missed all the relevant deadlines, the court was unimpressed with his tale of woe, and he has since coughed up $14,000 in child support via liens and garnishments.
Other additions to pay and deductions may include vacation pay, union dues, 401K plans, health insurance and garnishments.
Other laws prohibit employers from freely using information about bankruptcies, wage garnishments, or other legal liabilities.