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Its extremities are marked at the left by the gaslit globes of the hallway chandelier--an unusual sight because we are looking down into the jets of flame--and at the right by the expanse of bare wall that shields Lisa.
It has preserved the cobblestone streets, gaslit lamps, narrow roads, and colonial stonework of the colonial era.
A raspy female voice was whispering, 'Yes, Ali, yes' Ali looked into the mirrored blade and there reflected he saw the faint grey faces of all those who had been slain by Jaggaroo, from the ritual slayings in the days of King Solomon to the shadowy victims in the festering gaslit warrens of London's East End during the Ripper's reign of terror.
A NOSTALGIC image of a gaslit Salthouse Docks in Liverpool by the celebrated Victorian artist John Atkinson Grimshaw has fetched pounds 228,500 at auction.
The recreation of gaslit, fog-shrouded London streets is irresistibly atmospheric.
It marches through the gaslit Victorian village from 6.
The dark corners of candle- or gaslit rooms were banished, and adults themselves may have been tempted to stay up later - both good reasons to separate children's sleep.
ON the Saturday evening of October 2, 1841, a jade sea-fog of unusual opaqueness crept down gaslit Lime Street.
Head teacher Gill Richards; Stylish sixth-formers set up their own company, Incognito, in 1996; The task of collating the archives has fallen to librarian Linda Redfern; The Belvedere set up another first in 1994 when it launched its nursery classes; Turning back the clock to the 1880s are Rebecca King, 12, Charlotte Moreton, 11, and Louise King, 12 Pictures: TRACEY O'NEILL; Outside drill for Belvedere girls in the 1930s; Miss Huckwell and staff on the terrace in the early years, around 1888; Dining room with a view - the school canteen in gaslit times; Margaret Beavan; Esther McVey
At Selly Oak Hospital, built more than a century ago, the Nightingale wards echo the gaslit days of the pioneering Victorian nurse Florence Nightingale.
Within seconds he was lost to sight in the murky, gaslit gloom, leaving the children with an incredible tale no-one would believe - until Sprightly Jack put in another appearance on the following evening.